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On the NBC “Emerald City ” Mini series will be “more exciting, epic,” “The Wizard of You know,” Handler Oz “on Broadway,” Wicked “- NBC leads us to now” Emerald City, “I’ve got to move the ABC in the 2014-15 season, their television, announcing another event with live music,” Peter Pan Live! “It comes in December and two remarkable … Read more on Yahoo TV (blog)

seeks to report to add details to in the center of the image City commercial property and said property inventory will be updated quarterly and Bartholomew may be available online before the next update can be used by any of the potential commercial real estate developers to code officials, law enforcement and the city … Read more about Glens After falling Star

on spars Collinsville residents with city hall to work on MLK Day (KMOV.com) “I think this is a lack of respect for a total of Dr. King,” said resident Collinsville Brandon Drake staff work in the Collinsville City Hall on the day of Martin Luther King, although not close the building to the public, said Drake should city officials … <-. i > Read more about KMOV.com

New City News

What city is essential to encourage innovation: cafes, and bike lanes and printers 3D In many ways, the rise of innovative fields embodies the essence of the city: a group of talented people, and people are driven together in close quarters, for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. This is in the spirit of what urban historian Sir Peter Hall … Read more about Quartz

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis surprise New York City riders bus with “can not hold us … City bus riders were rocking surprise Wednesday when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis aboard. duo rode the bus quietly and began performing their hit “can not hold us,” a group of unsuspecting travelers, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Read more New New York Daily News

New City News

Leaders suite Flint warns the cost of outside city means Flint, Michigan – The Flint City Council approved the audit of the city Monday, January 13th, revealing the city cleans the $ 19.2 million budget deficit of more than 6 million in 2013. Council adopted the audit of the vote 9-0. Representatives of the Planet … Read more and The Flint Journal – MLive.com

on SIX: man accused of witness accessory Sioux City killed and documents state officers, said a spokeswoman for the group Sioux City Schools Alison Benson is usually located in the Midwest and West High and will be available for the dismissal of the afternoon of freedom primary 1623 Rebecca St. Police said the man was shot and killed in a house … Read more about the

New City News

Budget plan on Cooper calls for 0.7 million more than the city taxpayers New Britain – City educators say they want to build a reflection of the achievements of the students, which began more than a year and a half and want to increase the budget Huge happen. Supervisor Leslie Cooper offers a $ 132600000 budget for … Read more about

presents CEE monopoly on its proposal to re-Kansas City public schools By JOE Robertson. The Kansas City Star. State Councilor and revealed on Monday to see the public school system of Kansas City, where independent schools, as long as they exceeded their ranks and will control the money Read more about Kansas City Star

said / B> and documents in the investigation Vincent Gray Top of the district attorney Monday>
on starts Prosecutors Review the city, which allowed him to federal investigators to review the documents relating to city government for millions of dollars in a settlement with the alleged financier of the “shadow campaign” for Mayor Vincent C. Gray. Deal … Read more about

New City News

On sale city Hall Defuniak Springs – Mayor Bob Campbell heard complaints and discussed the naysayers, but it remains nothing more than willingly to his proposal to sell the company’s Atlanta City Hall development for $ 3000000. He also sees an opportunity … Read more Northwest Florida Daily News

city Glenpool is Director retires, leaves severence package extended but 2NEWS investigators found buried in the accomplishments of these concerns possible violations of law, tendering and mismanagement of public funds. They list all the concerns of the state auditor in the past practices of the spending review in the city. Read more about on public access to the Tacoma City Hall will get more of the rules February 3
This step is part of the customer service and said some officials Safety Jeff Jenkins, assistant director of public works, during the afternoon session with the ninth floor room Tacoma City Council called “the center of vision.” Generates change. .. Read more about

New City News

Gains against Iraqi insurgents in the city in order to BAGHDAD – Iraqi security forces and their allies tribal gains in heavy fighting on Sunday in Ramadi, the restoration of parts of the city from Sunni militants aligned Al Qaeda security officials and tribal leaders. Read more about

on how painter and A Saved American dancer city Culver City, once the heart of the film industry in the state of California, just died a decade earlier. In the center of the city is falling apart. It has become a sleepy commuter town. Today, however, people have declared him to revive urban areas. Parts of the city that was once … Read more about the update: Two of the dead were certainly in a plane crash near the town of Bowen , and sent to … Converged , region, officials in the crash of a small plane near the town of Bowen today, Monday morning. Said Charlevoix County Undersheriff Chuck Vondra and two deaths at 7:00 accident with limited staff on the use of traffic or foot snow to … Read more about the

on developers, Salt Lake City clash on taxes, The rules for parking and central Salt Lake City grows, it seems that the main confrontation over how to fill the gaps in urban smile. After nearly two years has opened the church-owned complex business-LDS City Creek Center $ 1500000000 two residential blocks, and some lawyers Center … Read more on
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