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City University Heights the council chambers, for a complete change of historic proportions

University City on Heights the council chambers, to get a complete change of historic proportions Fire Services University Heights discussed at a meeting in the Town Hall University Heights City Council Chambers – shown here during a meeting in Town Hall in 2013, which included comments from city firefighters Mike DiDomenico – will be reduced by 11 per $ 000 … Read more about Sun Star Courier

on VIDEO: city Police returned million federal grant Poughkeepsie City Police Department returned $ 1.0 million federal stimulus grant designed to keep officers on the streets and safer communities through the Great Depression and beyond, and a research paper found. Granted police agency … Read more about Poughkeepsie Newspaper

Close Kruger to deal with Bossier City Cooperative Development There was some talk directly about the new Kroger in Bossier City , despite the fact that the transaction is not yet ready. City planners and officials say the third Kruger Kruger Bossier City – Kruger market – it will be twice the size of the average company … Read more about Shreveport Times