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The teacher caught with a prostitute keeps running judge city This is the second time, led by Edgar Ortiz, 65, was arrested related to the sex of the Ministry of Education of the city, court documents show. In 1996, had been an elementary teacher with the allegations of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a minor, and that Ortiz … Read more about New New York Daily News

on Gloria is ready to provide city-state at San Diego – San Diego Mayor will temporary Todd Gloria deliver the annual State of the City Address tonight, which is expected to touch on the achievements made in the months following the resignation of his predecessor besieged. It is scheduled speech … Read more about fox5sandiego.com

Dickert in Mexico celebrate the sister City 12 Planning Commission Sister City, received Dickert invitation of city officials in the fall of this year, he and the members of the delegation, the sister city of Racine invites you to visit their community in mid-January a local holiday. The plan, according to … Read more about Journal Times